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Classy bachelorette party
Miss to Mrs


A classy and sophisticated bachelorette is... elegant, stylish, and glamorous. She's boujee and enjoys fine restaurants and cocktails. She knows how to celebrate but outrageous bar crawls and pecker headbands are not her style. Lucky for her, Nashville offers a wealth of ideas for fun activities that won't embarrass this classy bride and will still be a unique event she will always remember.

While you can have a great time being decidedly un-classy for a bachelorette party, if you’re aiming for sophistication for your evening out, stick to some of the suggestions below.


Treat yourself at a luxurious spa

A bachelorette outing at the spa is increasingly popular, and it’s no mystery why. What better place to relax, laugh with friends, enjoy a cheeky drink and pamper yourself beautiful! Nashville has tons of great spas - here are our top picks for the classiest Bride of all.

Create your own facial oil

Lemon Laine Oil Bar

Browse and shop for beauty essentials and create your very own customized facial oil while sipping a glass of wine at the sleek oil bar. A specialist will help you create a custom face oil from plant, seed, and nut oils based on your specific skin type and lifestyle. Located at 1900 Eastland Ave, Suite 102, Nashville, TN 37206. Call (629) 702-6940 or visit

Get your nails done

Poppy & Monroe

One of Nashville's highest rated nail salons, Poppy & Monroe offers a chic, boutique experience - from a 40 minute classic manicure to a 65 minute Luxe pedicure.  Located at 604 Monroe St, Nashville, TN 37208. Call (615) 640-0604 or visit

Shop at Nashville's specialty stores and boutiques

Between pampering yourself, stop by one of Nashville's hip neighborhoods for some upscale boutique shopping

The Gulch

Located in the heart of Nashville with an emphasis on community connectivity and walkability, the Gulch is an unprecedented vibrant and dynamic mixed-use community, home to the very best in high-end urban living, office, retail, restaurant, entertainment venues and hospitality. Visit

Hillsboro Village

Also a quick ride from downtown is Hillsboro Village, which boasts a trendy selection of shops, restaurants and bustling boutiques.

The Mall at Green Hills

Yep, it's a mall, but it's a seriously high end shopping mall located just minutes from downtown Nashville and has a variety of great restaurants and retail, such as Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton, Coach, Jimmy Choo, Nordstrom, The Cheesecake Factory and more. Located at 2126 Abbott Martin Rd, Nashville, TN 37215. Visit the

More Activities

See a performance at TPAC

Start your evening with a show at TPAC (Tennessee Performing Arts Center). They host Broadway shows of all varieties as well as local performances, and you can even purchase group discount tickets. Located at 505 Deaderick St, Nashville, TN 37219. Call (615) 782-4040 or visit

Catch a show at the Ryman Auditorium

Where Johnny Cash met June Carter and where Bluegrass was born, this commemorated music venue is like a book of history. The Ryman draws artists from all corners of the globe and all entertainment genres, eager to experience the privilege of facing the pews. The outstanding acoustics, intimate atmosphere and the ghosts of legends past have beckoned to artists from Elvis to Emmylou Harris, from Paul Simon to the Pixies, and from Kings of Leon to B.B. King. Located at 116 5th Ave N, Nashville, TN 37219. Visit

Visit the Musicians Hall of Fame

Honor the talented musicians who played  the greatest recordings of all time and see the very instruments that these musicians used to record many of these classic hits. Some like Jimi Hendrix are well known, while others like L.A session drummer Hal Blaine are not as well known to the public, but have played on hundreds of hit records from Elvis, Frank and Nancy Sinatra,The Byrds, The Mamas and The Papas and The Beach Boys, just to name a very few. Located at 401 Gay St, Nashville, TN 37219. Visit