A Laid Back, Low-Key Bachelorette is easy to please. She rather wear her comfortable shoes and have a simple, fun night out with her friends to celebrate her upcoming nuptials. She doesn't need a chaotic, booze-soaked revel to have a good time.

Low-key bachelorette parties in Nashville can be creative and fun. Focus on bonding with your girlfriends and sharing a special experience with them. The bride and her entourage will remember the bachelorette party for many years to come. Read below for low-key party ideas in Nashville.



Shop & explore Nashville's boutiques & specialty stores

The Marketplace

Shop with a variety of vendors on Saturdays during the Food Truck Feast from 11 am to 5 pm including vintage, second-hand, handmade, home decor, art, jewelry, furniture, candles, and more! Visit their website for the complete calendar of events at

Marathon Village

Marathon Village has become a diverse destination where artists, performers, designers, business professionals, and inventors co-exist. They have a first-floor retail experience like no other that includes flagship stores from the History Channels’ American Pickers to legendary whiskey makers, Jack Daniels. In addition to shopping, they have a Marathon Motor Works museum showcasing five of the remaining eight Marathon vehicles located in the original MMW showroom. Visit

Nashville Farmers Market

At this year-round market, you'll find fresh produce, artisanal food, restaurants, shops, crafts, classes, live music and chef demos. Visit

Opry Mills Mall

Hit up Opry Mills Mall for all of your shopping needs and then go next door to explore the Opryland Hotel Gardens. You can grab a drink or bite to eat at the hotel and even take a boat ride through the atrium. Tip: Park at the mall, then walk to the hotel so you don't have to pay for parking. ​Visit