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Pencil, paper, planning activities


Ask the bride what she wants (and doesn't want) in terms of a bachelorette party and determine her comfort zone. Will it be a wild night out, complete with bull-riding, pole dancing and bar hopping? A low-key weekend getaway with shopping and site seeing? Cocktails on a rooftop lounge? A lingerie shower?

Is the future Mother-In-Law invited or is this strictly a weekend with the "girls"? Gather the names and information of the invitees from the bride, then help her narrow down the list to a reasonable size. Aim for at least four people but less than 15. Groups of 15 or more tend to get chaotic and make accommodations, dinner reservations and transportation very difficult.

With the bride's assistance, select a few potential dates or weekends for the bachelorette party. Don't automatically rule out Holiday weekends. Sometimes they are better because people have an extra day off work. As soon as you have a few dates in mind, send out a quick 'poll' or email to the people invited to see if there are any major conflicts. Try to be flexible, but don't worry if you cannot accommodate everyone. After receiving responses from the group, narrow down the event to a specific date with the bride's assistance, then send out a 'Save the Date' to the group. TIPS: The best time to visit Nashville is March through October, when the warm weather brings Music City to life!

Once the date is secure, it's time for the real research to commence! Get with the people attending to brainstorm and establish a game plan. We recommend creating a 'secret' Facebook group for everyone invited. Don't invite the bride into the group unless you want her to know the details. Start with flights (if needed) and the hotel or AirBnB. Make the reservations as soon as possible. Downtown hotels and AirBnBs can book up six months in advance if there is a large concert or event that night. Nashville is still a small town compared to most major cities; however, it does have a few small pockets that are not ideal for tourists or are unsightly. Research the area before getting an Airbnb. Areas we don't recommend: Dickerson Pike, Salemtown, Bordeaux, Talbot's Corner and parts of Antioch. Areas we recommend: the central downtown district, East Nashville, Germantown, The Nations and Sylvan Park.

Mail the invitations to the guests as soon as the hotel is booked (Snail Mail or Digital). Provide as many details as possible in the invitation so the group can start preparing. Be sure to include information about any special attire that is needed, roughly how much money each person needs to bring to contribute and associated deadlines, an RSVP date, and the hotel information. Not everyone knows to bring a gift for the bride so be sure to let them know if there will be a showering of gifts and share the bride's bra and panty size.

Plan out a few activities in advance to ensure the group is entertained. It's best to coordinate this well before the party to prevent last minute indecisiveness and disagreements. Consider planning day-time activities such as pedicures at a spa, shopping, party bus, dancing lesson, etc. Some activities should be reserved several weeks to months in advance, such as party bus or limo rental, pole dancing lessons and the pedal tavern. Try not to pack in too many activities in a short amount of time - you may need time to recover from a hangover or relax by a pool.

Showing up to a restaurant at dinner time with 12 of your closest, hungriest friends without a reservation is definitely not a good idea. You should make dinner reservations 2 - 6 weeks before the party. Let the restaurants know your group is celebrating a special occasion. Some of them offer promotions specifically for bachelorette parties. Remember to choose restaurants that fit the bride's style and the group's budget. Nashville also offers a great selection of vegetarian, vegan and gluten free options.

Coordinate transportation to/from the airport or gather the information for your hotel's airport shuttle (if needed). Nashville does not have an effective public transportation system yet - your best options are a rental van/bus or utilize Uber and Lyft. Downtown parking ranges from $10-$60.

Confirm the guest RSVPs and confirm all reservations 5-7 days before the party. Remember to update the guest count of your reservations if the size of your group changes. Fill the group in on the party festivities and details. Debrief the bride (it's ok to keep some of it a secret) and get her pumped up for her special night out or weekend celebration.

Buy bachelorette party accessories such as the novelty veil or tiara, treats or gift bags for the guests and naughty props or games. You should also buy a gift for the bride-to-be. We have several great gift ideas for you! Create a list of games you want to play and gather any information you will need, such as questions for the groom.  Lastly, create an itinerary for each guest that lists all of the dates, times, activities, addresses and contact information. Distribute the itinerary via email two days before the party and print a small copy for each person to carry in their purse during the party.

Bride Questionnaire

Use this form to help gather information from the bride for her bachelorette party

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