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How to Stay Safe at a Bachelorette Party

Drunk women having fun night out

We want to touch on a topic that should be given more thought while planning your best friend's last hurrah - safety! It only takes just a couple extra minutes to think about and plan how to have a safe outing. Between the news and Facebook, it’s easy to become desensitized to the dangers that lurk in the shadows. And while Nashville certainly isn't the most dangerous city in the United States, it isn't a place to let your guard down either.

Here are a few safety-musts from your friends at Nashville Bachelorette Party Guide.

Buddy up & Share Location

Even when you plan on sticking together the whole time you’re in town, things happen and sometimes you get separated. Pair together at the beginning and make sure every person is sharing location (via phone) with at least one other person in the group. Large groups such as bachelorette groups are targets since they're often drinking and distracted.

Portable Battery Charger

Bring a small portable battery charger, such as an Anker, with you and charge it each evening. If you can squeeze it in your purse when you go out, it can save you from a dead cell phone and getting lost from the group.

Create a meeting spot each day Figure out where you’ll be going for the day and find a central point to regroup if someone goes missing. That way, if you do end up separated from the rest of the group, everyone knows what to do and where to go. Phone batteries aren’t always reliable and it’s always good to have a backup plan.

Trust Instinct & Pay Attention If something doesn’t feel right, let the rest of the group know. Stay alert and trust your gut. Make sure you pay attention to your stuff; purses, jackets or anything in your pockets are targets for those looking to make a quick getaway. Don't set your things down when taking photos or heading to the dance floor - take them with you. I personally learned this the hard way after getting several jackets stolen in downtown Nashville.

Watch your Drinks Closely

Roofies really happen! Watch the bartender make your drinks and don't accept any drinks from strangers unless it's unopened or you see the bartender make it. Don't set your drink down too.

Depending on the drug, a roofie can take anywhere from a couple of minutes to 30 minutes to kick in. They can also make your drink taste bitter or give it a blue hue. If you suddenly feel ill, intoxicated or have difficulty speaking and you haven't had much to drink, tell a friend immediately.

Tip - don't let your guard down at 'gay bars'. Women have been targeted at them in specifically because they think they are safer therefore pay less attention.

Don't be a Fool!

Hanging with a group and drinking can make you do things you probably wouldn't do while alone and/or sober, such as darting across traffic or trying to do a cartwheel in the middle of Broadway. The Nashville Emergency Rooms are full of folks like this every weekend! And it's a real bummer to sit in the hospital when you could be having fun.

Before going out, take a couple minutes to remember the safety information and tips above. Nashville is a super fun place to party - party safe baches!!

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1 Comment

Anthony Caudle
Anthony Caudle
2 days ago

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