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Nashville Bachelorette Party Shirt Sayings

One of the best parts of a bachelorette party is making sure the group stands out among the crowd, especially the bride. As the MOH (Maid of Honor), you'll want to make sure the bride gets plenty of attention. After all, it IS her last "single" night out. The easiest way to accomplish this is to wear matching shirts or tanks. We've collected a few sassy sayings for your Nashville bachelorette party shirts. Warning: some are a little risqué and may not be appropriate for any bride-to-be.

Nashville Shirt Sayings

Bachelorette party shirt sayings - Nashville Style!

  • Getting Shitty in Music City

  • Last ride, for the bride (with a picture of a cowgirl on a horse)

  • Sexy in the  City (with a music note in front of "City"

  • Sexy in the City (with a picture of Nashville in the background

  • No party like a Nashville party

  • Cowgirl’s last ride

  • Bride on Broadway / Blackout on Broadway

  • Bach Sh*t Crazy!

  • Ridin’ & Ropin’ (with a picture of a cowgirl tossing a rope)

  • Play me a song, before I am gone (off the market!)

  • Let's Get Nashty

  • I’m getting hitched! / Getting Lit

  • This bitch is gettin' hitched!

  • Getting risqué on Broadway

  • Lower Broad Broads

  • Drinking away my last single day on Broadway

  • My single days are going away, so I’m here to party on Broadway!

  • Wasting away on Broadway!

  • Boots & Bling Before The Ring

  • Last Hurrah – Yee Haw!

  • The last honky tonk before the big walk

  • Honky Tonk Hoedown Before the Gown

  • These Boots Were Made for Walkin' Down the Aisle

  • Bride’s last night out to swing about (picture of line dancing or swinging a rope)

  • Last Night of Freedom Tour (names of the girls on the back like a concert t-shirt)

  • The real bridesmaids of Music City

  • I Said Yes / We Said Nashville!

  • Whiskey Bent and Veil Bound / Whiskey Bent and Hell Bound

  • MCDC: Music City Drinking Committee

  • Ain't Over Until I Say I Do / Ain't Goin' Down 'Til The Sun Comes Up

  • [Bride’s name]’s final thrill in Nashville!

  • Bridal Entourage: Dressed to kill in Nashville! (cowgirl holding a smoking gun)

  • Cowgirl out for a whirl!

  • Save a horse, ride a bridesmaid and Save a horse, ride the bride

  • Cowgirl’s last twirl (cowgirl dancing or cowgirl pole dancing)

  • Sippin Pretty in Music City

  • I've been roped - but, I'm FREE tonight!

Other Bachelorette Party Shirt Sayings:

  • I found Mr. Right, but I’m single tonight

  • I found Mr. Right and I’m celebrating tonight

  • Last night before Mr. Right

  • Partying tonight, because my single days are out of sight

  • Boys, step aside. I’m going to be a bride!

  • Not Your Basic Bach

  • Bride-a-saurus / Drunk-a-saurus

  • I Said Yes / That's What She Said

  • I Said Yaaaas! / She Said Yaaaas!

  • Kiss Me (...before it’s too late)

  • Engaged AF / Drunk AF

  • His Pick / Her Clique

  • Doin' a little wrong before I do Mr. Right

  • Tonight is for the final thrill - before she says "I will"

  • Show me the "wows"... before the “vows”

  • Wedding’s near, buy me beer! or..... Buy me a beer, my wedding is near!

  • Buy me a beer, the end is near

  • Bridin' Dirty / They See Us Rollin', We're Celebratin'

  • Buy Me a Shot, I’m Tying the Knot!

  • Front: “Bachelorette Support Crew” Back: “If Lost, Return to Bachelorette Party”

  • From a Princess … To a Queen

  • Forget nice, tonight we’re being naughty

  • Goodbye single life, I’m going to be [grooms name]’s wife!

  • Pop the champagne, I'm changing my last name

  • Raising hell before the wedding bell

  • Nacho Average Bach / Taco Bout A Party

  • [Bride’s name]’s last slide, before she’s the bride (picture of pole dancer)

  • Ready for the time of my life, before I become a wife

  • Bride to be - Last chance for a dance

  • Out to mingle for [bride’s name]’s last night single

  • Last night single and out to mingle or Last night single & ready to mingle

  • Love is brewing (with a picture of beer)

  • Buy me a brew, before I say I DO

  • Pour the Wine, His Last Name is Mine

  • Bride Pride

  • I Got the Hubby / We Got the Bubbly

  • Lucky me, bride to be (perfect for a St. Patty's weekend party)

  • Last Flamingle / Let's Flamingle

  • He fell for it!

  • Can't wait, but will probably be hung over and late

  • I finally found me a winner!

  • Bride in Training

  • He's promoting me to wife

  • Future Trophy Wife

  • Future Mrs. / Cheers B*tches!

  • He Popped the Question / We're Poppin' Bottles

  • Pop the Bubbly, I'm Getting a Hubby / Pop the Bubbly, She's Getting a Hubby

  • D&G: Drunk and Gorgeous

  • We're here to mingle, because the bride is still single!

  • Team Hangover

  • Don't you wish your bridesmaids were HOT like mine?

  • Last chance for romance

  • [Bride’s name]'s getting married & can't whore around with us anymore

  • To Have and to Hold (with a picture of a girl holding a martini, wine or beer)

  • Warning: Bachelorette…. Expires 10/17/20

  • I Do! / I Do Crew

  • Abide to the bride

  • Bride’s last Stride

  • Wife of the Party

Timeless Sayings (shirts you can still wear after the party)

Movie quotes (think Bridesmaids or The Hangover), song lyrics and booze-themed quotes can make fun group shirts and you can still wear them long after the party.

  • Wolf Pack

  • One Last Syrah / Vino Before Vows / Rose All Day

  • It's My Party and I'll Wine if I Want to

  • Champagne Campaign, Champs Drink Champs

  • When I Sip, You Sip, We Sip

  • Pour Decisions

  • Let's Get Ready To Stumble

  • Watch Me Sip on Chardon Nay Nay

  • Stop and Smell the Rose

  • I'm on Cloud Wine

  • Day Drinker

  • Be There in a Prosecco

  • Sip Happens

  • How Merlot Can You Go?


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