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Making the Best of A Covid Bachelorette Party

Let's face it, times are weird! There is no right or wrong answer on how or where you choose to celebrate your special weekend. The most important thing is to make the best of the situation and don't let it dull your sparkle! When things don't go perfectly as planned, roll with the punches and have a good laugh because one day it will be a great story to tell and reminisce about.

Making the best of a covid bachelorette party


Don't let the pandemic overshadow your theme, but do lighten up the mood and definitely do not ignore it. Here are a few of our favorite accessories to get the party started safely. Masks are a must right now. Make the bride feel extra special with a custom white mask to match her bride-to-be shirt. We love the Corona bride shirt below - it's super cute, but not over the top.

For party favors, create a pandemic essentials bag for each guest. A few suggestions to put in the bachelorette party bags:

  • Mini Hand Sanitizer

  • Mini Lysol To-Go spray

  • Mask

  • Alcohol Wipes (great for wiping off that pecker straw before using it)

  • Standard party essentials, such as ibuprofen, hangover relief, lip gloss, hair ties, etc.


Each city has its own set of orders, regulations and guidelines pertaining to Covid19. Set aside some time to read through them carefully, then ensure every person in your group is aware of them. Keep in mind that regulations are changing daily, so review them frequently.


  • Be prepared and knowledgeable of all orders, regulations and guidelines

  • Be respectful of the orders and regulations and follow them.

  • Be patient with businesses that may be short-staffed, have reduced hours, limited menus, etc.

  • Show compassion to the workers who are offering services to you.

  • Support as many local establishments and services as possible

  • Be positive! The bride needs your good vibes.


  • Don't get your information from other people, businesses or from the news. It's best to go straight to the most reliable source to get accurate information. It changes so frequently that most people are not even aware of the latest rules and regulations. In Nashville, we recommend

  • Don't ask locals or businesses what will happen a month from now. No one knows if you'll need to wear a mask in public next week or next year. Just be flexible in your planning and roll with it.

  • Don't use Covid19 as an excuse to bend the rules or expect the rules to be bent because of it.

  • Don't travel if you are feeling ill or have a pending Covid19 test.

  • Don't take it personally if someone backs out of the party. Each person has their own reasons.

  • Don't focus on or stew over minor hiccups or changes in plans

For activities, ideas and places to go, visit the

NOTE: We encourage everyone to make decisions about events that are in the interest of their personal health and wellbeing.



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