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5 Bachelorette Invitations for Every Bride

Updated: Feb 1, 2019

The party is planned, and now you’re about a month away from the bachelorette bash. What now? It's time to send out invitations! It’s the easiest way to get all the information out and make sure you know who is and isn't coming.

First, make a list. See if the bride wants strictly bridesmaids or if any other friends of hers are invited. Once you have a list, contact them to get addresses and let them know to be expecting something wedding related soon.

Second, the bachelorette party invites should match the theme you have in mind for the party and can include the itinerary or just a cute rhyme. Make sure to include any important information, such as the bride's lingerie sizes for gifts, or outfit requirements for the party day. If it is a destination bachelorette party, don't forget to add arrival and departure dates.

Now that you're prepared for what type of invitation you need and how many, here are 5 bachelorette party invites with every bride in mind. Round up your headcount to account for any written mistakes or damages that might occur during shipping. Also, try to include either a point of contact or a confirmation card for them to send back.  Keep in mind that while invitations aren't necessary, they are a fun way to get all the necessary information out without the fear of a deleted text or misunderstanding.

For the Wild - Let's Party Bride

For the Laid Back & Low Key Bride

For the Classy & Sophisticated Bride

For the Eclectic & Artsy Bride

For the Adventurous Bride



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