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BACHELORETTE THEMES: The ones you DIDN'T think of


Going out on the town for your bachelorette party? Have a theme in mind? You've probably already started planning your bridal party's matching outfits, but don't you want to STAND OUT of the crowd?

We've seen the matching tank tops, the male body parts, but let's get creative and take it to the next level! Believe it or not, Nashville is #BacheloretteCity, sorry not sorry Vegas, and we see bachelorettes on the daily, so we want to help you create the perfect unique party theme to have your bride feeling like the star, and everyone jealous of your creative squad! Here's some adorable ideas for themes to get you thinking creatively about your party weekend!

70's HIPPIE THEME (For the Free Spirits!)

Imagine Flower crowns, flash tattoos, and loud colorful prints! This is like Coachella to the max! Beach outfits, hats, and floral accessories are an adorable option that make everyone in your party feel girly, beautiful, and free spirited! Not to mention you will be spreading peace and love all night long with these California vibes!

70s hippie theme bachelorette party

HOLLYWOOD STARS (Notify the Paparazzi!)

These are for the more glamorous girls looking to add some extra mystery to the evening! Whether it's dressing up as the bride's favorite celebrity (Michael Jackson/Lady Gaga etc.) or creating your own stage names with elegant vintage red carpet looks, you can make this theme so memorable for your bride! Just be sure to have a red carpet ready to take lots of photos paparazzi style!

Hollywood celebrity theme party

BRIDE BOND SQUAD (The New Charlie's Angels)

Think BIG sunglasses and cool agent costumes! Imagine having secret code words to use throughout the night, and even a map to send your Bride on TOP SECRET missions. Maybe leave the gun props at home, but having walkie-talkies is a hilarious alternative! Consider playing classic Charlie's Angels or 007 James Bond movies while you get ready to get the mood right!

Charlie's Angels party theme



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