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Butter My Biscuit: Best Breakfast in Music City

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

Big names from the country music scene to the silver screen are known to be found wanderin' 'round these parts. The real stars of Nashville however, are the restaurants. From traditional Southern cuisine to the finest dining and everywhere in between, Nashville is ready to fix you a plate sweetheart! If you're planning a bach bash in Music City, you may be overwhelmed by the options that it offers. We're here to help you out! Over the next few weeks, we'll be covering the hottest joints and their most delectable dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner.. and maybe some snacks in between. Stay tuned! For today's post, we're helping you out with the most important meal of the day!

Biscuit Love in Nashville

Biscuit Love

If you're looking for the essence of Nashville, check out this southern-born-and-bred hit. Enjoy a classic southern breakfast with a modern twist just a short walk from Broadway and downtown Nashville. Biscuit Love opened its doors in the heart of the Gulch in 2015 and has been dishing out only the best in breakfast and brunch ever since.

To Share (or not to share): First up and featured to the right is the dish that Biscuit Love is known for. Feast your eyes and treat your palette to Bonuts! Fried biscuit dough is filled with tart, creamy lemon mascarpone and then placed on a bed of rich blueberry compote. 

Star of the Show: The Princess  features a traditional, Nashville "Hot Chicken" thigh on a Southern buttermilk biscuit. This delectable and deep-fried entree is garnished with rich honey and a pickle. For every Nashville princess, this dish serves sweet and savory realness with a little kick. 

Veggie Options: Luckily for our vivacious vegetarians, the bonuts are free game. However, if you're looking for something a little more savory we suggest you try the Vegetarian grits. Cheese grits are topped with tomato gravy, dressed with kale and served with two farm eggs. 

.... or view the full Biscuit Love menu!

Another Broken Egg Cafe

All the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put together a more tantalizing choice of treats. If you've never treated yourself to breakfast at Another Broken Egg, now is the time. Just around the corner from Broadway and Downtown Nashville, it's an incredible stop to start your day that offers something for everyone!

To Share (or not to share): We're about to blow your mind with a southern fusion appetizer that you never knew existed. You ready? During your stop at Another Broken egg, you have to try the Biscuit Beignets. Patted out, southern biscuits are dusted with powdered sugar and served with sweet honey marmalade. 

Star of the Show: After you've satisfied your sweet tooth, and you're looking for the main event order the Lobster and Brie Omelet. A standard two-egg omelet is filled with cream cheese and tender, sauteed lobster meat. Top it all off with a drizzle of champagne butter sauce and beautifully seared vegetables. 

Veggie Options: If you don't dabble in devouring meat, order the Granola, Fruit and Quinoa bowl. This micronutrient rich dish boasts house-made honey roasted granola, tart blueberry quinoa, berries and bananas rolled in toasted coconut. Your bowl is served with coconut milk and a vanilla yogurt drizzle. 

​Check out the FULL MENU!

Pancake Pantry

To Share (or not to Share): So many pancakes, so little time.There are myriad of options to sink your teeth into, but the standard buttermilk pancakes can't be missed. Order the Silver Dollar Pancakes and experience the heart of southern tradition with your girls.These tiny cakes are the perfect serving to whet your palette before delving into what else the Pancake Pantry has to offer. 

The Sweet: According to the Pancake Pantry menu: : A handful of sweet, southern pecans makes the batter better." Try the Pecan Pancakes topped with powdered sugar and MORE pecans. Your stack is served with a mapley-pecan syrup and butter on the side!

The Savory: If your sweet tooth has been satiated, try the Santa Fe Cornmeal Pancakes! Three cakes with chunks of bacon, cheddar and green chiles mixed in are served with hot picante salsa and sour cream for an authentic feel. Savory as this dish may be, it's recommended that you give it a shot with warm maple syrup and see how all of the delicious flavors blend together.

Bon appetit!


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