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Down Time Before Hitting Downtown

A great man once said, "After the show is the after party, and after the party is the hotel lobby." We don't think that the festivities have to go down in that order. Take some time to enjoy a bonding experience with your girls. Everyone has convened to celebrate the bride. Maybe you've all been friends since childhood and maybe you don't even know that brunette girl's name. Either way, the bachelorette weekend is the most epic bonding experience of all time. How else are you going to prepare to all stand by the bride's side on her special day. Enjoy this inspiration for some down time before doing downtown.

Bach Brunch Bar

Brunch is probably the most popular way to kick off a day full of fabulous bachelorette weekend events. Rather than getting up early to wait in line or make a reservation, treat your bestie to  her very own brunch buffet inspired by this one from the Undercover Hostess. Purchase her kit here, or draw your inspiration from her set up. Change up the colors to match the wedding colors or your accommodations for the weekend.

Create a backdrop from boas to create an ombre effect. Add a curtain of twinkle lights for a Pinterest perfect creation. Then add balloons, streamers or other adorable details to finish off your presentation.. Then of course comes the most important part of any  buffet....

THE REFRESHMENTS! Make a specialty cocktail like these Raspberry Sorbet Mimosas or keep it classic with a Mimosa Bar. Then of course you have to decide what to snack on! Set up a tray of blinged-out bagels! Complete with an array of flavored butters and preserves for the perfect brunch finger food. OR take the simplistic route and bling out some donuts instead of bagels. 

Include some fruit, savory snacks or custom cupcakes for the perfect setup. All that's left to do is enjoy and spend the morning in with your best friends. Celebrate the bride and her coming life in the comfort of your hotel room or AirBnb before venturing out into Music City for a day of crazy fun.

Girls' Night In

This is a great idea for the first  night of your bachelorette weekend! Everyone has more than likely traveled all day, and it's nice to take some time to relax. Set up an at-home (hotel/airbnb) spa night! Pack adorable favors that will help your squad unwind. DIY some of your own spa amenities with these recipes!

Kick back at your very own mani/pedi station. Fill buckets of warm water and maybe add some essential oils for the ladies to soak their feet. Provide nail polish, lotions, fuzzy socks, etc. for the ultimate spa experience from the comfort of your own room.

Pre-Game Party

If you've spent your day succeeding in sober fun, maybe it's time to kick it up a notch before you hit Nashville's downtown bar scene. Get ready to two-step the night away before even stepping into your first honky-tonk with a spread just like this one! (right).

Decorate a coffee or dining room table with sparkly garland and banners. This is a great opportunity to present those beautiful, customized, stemless flutes featured in our previous blog!

Pre-Game party in hotel room

Looking for ideas on what to serve? We've got you covered! Check out this Pink Lemonade Shot recipe! Scour Pinterest or create a custom cocktail just for the bride-to-be featuring her favorite flavors or even themed to match the wedding colors!

Enjoy a variety of drinks while preparing for your crazy night out. 

Enjoy your time in Nashville bachelorettes! Hope you enjoy these tips for making the most of your time in Music City. Check back next week for more!


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