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DIY Hotel Room Bach Bash Inspiration

If you're bringing the whole party to Nashville, you might find yourself wanting to host a little shower for your main girl while you have everyone together. We found this adorable hotel room, bach shower set up perfect to DIY. Don't know where to get all the decor? No worries! We've researched some of the larger details for you. Keep reading for a little inspo for your very own hotel hootin' and hollerin' bachelorette shower!

Hotel Room bachelorette decorations

Mylar balloons, Bride To Be

The star of this decor set up is definitely the mylar balloon banner! They've grown in popularity over the past few years and can be found in several varieties from many different places. For optimum choice selection, we took to Etsy. You can easily order a banner like the one featured in our hotel room inspo! Choose different colors, different letter shapes (yes, some even come in cursive for a classy touch) and what have you. We decided to go with an "inspired by" look and fell in love with so many other options!

​Take a look at a variety of mylar letter balloons or grab the one featured here!

Another touch that we think is super unique, especially for a hotel set up, is the light marquee that this party placed in front of the television. You can pick up your own letters here to recreate this look. Other phrases that may fit your party or hotel set up better could be, "I do, " "Bride to Be," or the bride's new initials.

Pink, white, gold garland

This garland took the average hotel entertainment system to party professional. There are several uses for this if your hotel room doesn't have an entertainment system appropriate for this placement. String up your garland across the headboards, the window, or somewhere along the wall. 

​Pick this one up here or browse the other options that Etsy has to offer! If you prefer lettered garland, check out this one perfect for a bachelorette party, or this one perfect to accent bolder choices.

We love these cake pops from Nashville Sweets! They are simple, beautiful and require less utensils and cleanup, which is important when celebrating in a hotel room with limited supplies. Nashville Sweets is located about two miles from Broadway (a cheap Uber/Lyft ride). They also make delightful cupcakes and cookies, which can be tailored to your bride.

Pink and gold cake pops from Nashville Sweets

Cheers Balloons and confetti on hotel bed

Don't forget to glam up the bed! Confetti is so cheap and easy. You can snag these balloons on the cheap too at Walmart. They come with a straw to inflate. Choose your message, or change up the balloons. If your bride is super daring this sparkly, sexy confetti could be just right!


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