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How to throw a redneck bachelorette party

If redneck, hillbilly, trailer trash, country bumpkin or hoe down is your theme, we have some ideas for you!

These party themes will not only make your outing knee-slapping hilarious, but they are also a cinch to put together AND cost less than a typical bachelorette party theme.

The very first thing you need to do for this type of bachelorette party is get an appropriate name. We suggest using the White Trash Name Generator. Get some name tags and fill them out for the girls to wear or better yet, just write the names directly on your shirts with a black marker.

White Trash Name Generator According to the generator, my name is Naomi Anne Hornblower. I'm already starting to feel like a redneck!

Next... ya'll will need something to wear. If you already have redneck in your blood, you'll want to create your own outfits. If you aint got none, you can fork out some doe and get custom shirts made.

DIY Redneck Outfit

  • fake tattoos

  • white tank top with black or pink bra (or even better... no bra)

  • mullet style wig, trucker  hat or bandanna

  • cut off jeans

  • anything flannel or camo

  • cowgirl boots, sneakers (or even better... no shoes)

Redneck tubetop

Not-So-DIY Visit Bridal Party Tees and buy custom printed redneck shirts for the girls.

Redneck tshirt

Going out sober? Heck naw! Before hitting the town, you'll need to grab some drink accessories. A little pre-partying never hurt no one. Get some red solo cups and boxed wine for the girls. Make the bride-to-be feel special with one of these fancy glasses from Hillbilly Glassware.

Redneck wine glass

These redneck koozies will keep your beer cold and are great party favors as well. Put a PBR in each one and they are good to go!

redneck koozie

It ain't a hoe-down if there isn't any moonshine or whiskey, so stop in one of Nashville's local liquor stores and grab some Apple Pie Moonshine or good ole JD.

Ole Smokey Moonshine

Did someone say roadie? Take your booze with you in one of these fake tampon flasks.

Don't be a stick in the mud! Every good hoe down needs some classy games, like corn hole, horse shoes, a burping contest, toilet seat toss, a hot dog eating contest and bowling... with Bud cans.

Last but not least, learn some Nashville Slang and get your redneck on!


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