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Nashville Bachelorette Decoration Musts!

Updated: Feb 2, 2019


We know how stressful planning a bachelorette party can be, believe me, it’s a lot of responsibility to handle for anyone, but especially for someone who has never done it before. From dinner and decorations, to entertaining a large group of women hungry for a good time, there’s just so many details you do not want to miss! Most Nashville bachelorette parties are coming from out of town, so that means you’re staying in either a hotel or AirBnB. With little time to decorate, here's some quick ideas to give you the perfect plan. Remember: the key to a flawless party is prepping ahead and keeping the bride happy!

feather boas and balloons

Whether you just arrived from the airport, or you drove in, you have little time to prepare the room. So here's the plan, pack the supplies and distract the Bride! Call the hotel ahead of time and arrange a drink for her and the gals at the bar upon arrival. Let your hotel know you need some time to set up the surprise. If you promise to write a 5-star review for them, they may even let you check in early! While the Bride is feeling super spoiled, grab someone willing to sneak away to help you start decorating! #BRIDESQUAD


Don't get too complicated with the theme, you know the saying, KEEP IT SIMPLE SISTER! The theme is crucial to the overall feeling of the weekend, so make sure you've covered the basics with what your Bride wants and DOES NOT WANT. Not everyone is down for strippers and floating male body parts, so be sure your decor is tailored appropriately. Always plan ahead (at least 3 months in advance) as you never know what shenanigans can happen, especially when you're going out of town. Make your reservations early, pack any needed decorations to save a trip to the party store, and keep to the schedule!

Panty Line & decorations


We know, you want to go to brunch and have mimosas, but what about the in between? SNACKS and GAMES will always keep the party going, but the party favors are a must! A perfect party favor is one you're going to actually NEED or USE for that weekend, so why not provide some creatively adorable gifts for your ladies right in the hotel room? Add a booty shaking playlist to really get the party started!

party favors

Don't forget the champagne, fresh fruit displays, balloon art, streamers, and flowers for a complete boutique bachelorette look. Try putting rock candy in the glasses, and be sure to get a snap of the Bride with her own new rock candy! BLING BLING!

champagne & glasses

Love Balloons

For more Balloon Art ideas click HERE!

Take TONS of photos of the room decorations, and of course the Bride. Maybe even have someone camera ready inside the room to capture the moment she opens the door. Definitely a cute photo opportunity! It's all about making memories and reminding her why she is so special to everyone there! With awesome decorations to compliment your matching outfits, it will be a Pinterest perfect night, wherever you stay!



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