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How to decorate a hotel room for a bachelorette party

Updated: Feb 2, 2019

If you are staying in a hotel for a bachelorette party, you should definitely consider decorating the rooms. The hotel is your party's home base so it should have a fun, energetic vibe.  Decorate according to the theme you have chosen for the party or talk to the bride about the style of party she wants and then go from there. Decorating can be a blast and it doesn't have to be complicated. Here are a few of our suggestions on how to decorate a hotel room for a bachelorette party and turn that drab room into a bachelorette haven.

Door Hangers - Let's start at the very beginning - the entrance! These door hangers are fabulous because they make the group stand out and help distinguish which rooms all of the gals are in. They will also be very handy when stumbling down the hallway at 5 am looking for your room.

Bride Tribe Door Hanger

Banners - hang a banner or two from a curtain rod or across the wall. Bachelorette banners are great because they add color to the less than appealing hotel walls and they don't take up space. You can buy banners online or create your own.

Bachelorette Banner

Fabric - anything satin, lace or sparkly will add some glam to your room. It's also easy to pack in your bag. We recommend draping shear fabric, or lace over the lamps and satin or sparkly fabric over tables. Tie organza around the seat of the chairs and tie into a bow.

Feather Boas - Hot pink, purple, black, white - pick your fancy! Feather boas are a bachelorette party staple. Not only are they a great prop and accessory, but they make for nice décor too. Toss them over the curtain rods, over picture frames or on top of the headboard.

Streamers, Balloons and Confetti - An affordable and simple idea is to bring brightly colored streamers and balloons. Grab a few friends and go to town. You can easily turn the room into a festive affair with enough steamers and balloons.

Bachelorette Balloons

Hanging rings

Bachelorette Confetti

Games and Favors - These put the 'Fun' in the bachelorette party. They can also be used to decorate the room. Purchase or create favors that add color to the room and buy or create games that can be hung on the wall. Not only will they take up less space, but they will look great on the wall too.

Panty Line - This is ribbon or twine that is strung across a wall with panties clipped onto it. This décor can be a game or a gift for the bride to be or both!

Snacks, Drinks and Treats - keep the party going with snacks and drinks. Set up a display that is appealing to the eye and matches the rest of the party décor. We recommend matching plates, cups, napkins, utensils, koozies. You can also create your own sparkling wine glasses.

A few tips before you get started: 1. Bring tape (the kind that is easy to remove without damaging the walls), safety pins, scissors and string. 2. Ask a few ladies to help gather, purchase and set up the room décor so you don't miss out on any of the fun activities that day. 3. Have fun with it! Pour a glass of wine and celebrate while decorating. 4. Carefully remove the décor before checking out of the room in order to prevent hotel fees/fines.


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