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Three Food and Shopping Districts in Nashville

We've covered how to satiate those morning blues at the top breakfast and brunch spots in Nashville. This week, we have light eats to keep you satisfied throughout the day! It's a Southern mentality to feed everyone like family, and that's no different in these hometown hideaways all over Music City! While out boutique hopping, be sure to take advantage of all that we have to offer. Grab tapas, salads, soup and more! Athletes always fuel up before a big workout, and shopping is the ultimate cardio!

Hillsboro Village

Hillsboro Village is a tucked-away-treasure to the west side of Nashville that houses exquisite eats, eclectic shopping and an enviable atmosphere that you'll wish you could take home. For a quick moment away from the hustle and bustle, enjoy the beautiful, Historic Hillsboro Village for some QT with your best girls. 


EAT: Grab a light lunch at Tavern before heading out on the town! You can go for the more brunch-like fare or veer toward the savory side: We recommend the Tuscan Kale & Parmesan Salad. You have the option to keep it light with the simple topping of toasted almonds, currants, lemon and a splash of quality olive oil, or you can dress it up for something a little more substantial. Add chicken, salmon, ahi tuna, shrimp, mahi or even beef short rib. Tavern is the perfect sexy, modern brick-and-mortar with a knack for comfort good on a gourmet level.

INDULGE: Just a mile away is the perfect spot to satiate your sweet tooth! Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams uses whole, natural ingredients to create "splendid" confections for any palette. The flavors change seasonally in order to ensure the freshest ingredients and to keep patrons coming back for more-- as if the flavor, texture and presentation weren't enough to achieve that already. The massive and adorable menu always notifies newcomers and old friends alike of every flavor available including the signature tastes and the seasonal choices. Notable signature flavors include Whiskey and Pecan, The Milkiest Chocolate in the World, Wildberry Lavender and Salty Caramel.

Not in the mood for a scoop? Treat yourself to a decadent sundae. Choose your ice cream flavor, one of many rich sauces and have that topped off with whipped cream and a cherry. Another option is to try one of the carefully crafted sundae recipes created by the Jeni's team! Last but certainly not least, kick it old school with a float! Pick your soda from one of their many options       ( Root Beer, Ginger, Cream Soda or Black Cherry) and then of course of one of Jeni's many splendid ice creams and top it all off with whipped cream. If you simply can't decide convince your crew to get one of each! Pass them around family style and no one misses out. No matter what you choose, a trip to Jeni's is always a success!

TREAT YO'SELF: Posh Boutique, located just a short walk down the street from Jeni's in Hillsboro Village. This Nashville based shop provides shoppers with the latest fashion trends and top quality products. From sassy dresses to comfy, cute tees, Posh is the complete boutique experience.

Fatherland District

Visit the Fatherland District for some of the best shopping and snacks that Nashville has to offer all within walking distance of one another! It's another tucked away and vastly underrated neighborhood that couldn't be more perfect for a girls' day out on the town. 

Local Taco in East Nashville

EAT: The Local Taco. The Local Taco stands as an eclectic and unique restaurant that embraces the simple pleasures of Tex-Mex cuisine, the traditions and character of Southern food culture, and distinct flavors of the communities in which it resides. Be sure to order some mexi-tots.

INDULGE: Stop by Chocolate F/X for "chocolate confections with a rock n' roll attitude." You can pick up something crafted in a galaxy far, far away..., beautiful hand casted shapes, or a seasonal treat. Every day there's something new in the shop to experience!

TREAT YO'SELF: Take a trip to Whiskey Water for Nashville vibes with a rock'n'roll twist. Kitchy printed shirts, edgy jewelry and fashionable items for every whiskey-on-ice kind of girl can be found inside these walls.

Whiskey and Water store

Edgehill Village 

Edgehill Village is the epitome of party perfection! It's trendy, with a splash of hipster and a sprinkling of Nashville comfort. 

Taco Mamacita

EAT: Hit up Taco Mamacita for some fresh South-of-the-Border influence on the fly. This was an easy choice: Chicken Tortilla Soup with a Mexican Chopped Salad. The soup is filled to the brim with nothing but the best ingredients like chicken, avocado, queso fresco and house-made broth. Pair it with a delicious chopped salad consisting of a bed of fresh lettuce topped with cornn, hearts of palm, fresh diced tomatoes and tortilla strips. This light luncheon will power you up for the rest of your day out with the girls, not to mention there could be margaritas involved! 

INDULGE: Take in the tastes and treats that Dulce Desserts has to offer! Choose from a variety of cupcakes, molten chocolate truffle cakes, whole pies and of course homemade cookies just like Grandma made-- if Grandma was a perfect mixture of Julia Child and Martha Stewart and lived in her very own gingerbread mansion. 

TREAT YO'SELF: You remember that part where we said that Edgehill Village suffers from a splash of hipster with a sprinkling of Nashville? Check out Castilleja for all of those vibes wrapped into one storefront. CLothing, accessories and homewares are housed within these four walls. If your crew digs an easy-going type of feel, you'll get lost in their light fabrics, flared pants and maxi skirts! 

Take yourself and your favorite girls out on the town! Indulge in the uniqueness that Nashville has to offer! Until next time.... Bon Appetit. 


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