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The Great Outdoors: For the Nature Loving Bride

We all need some time to get away from it all, right? Especially with the stress of planning a wedding and remembering to enjoy the process! There's always the opportunity to take a trip to a spa day, or a weekend getaway to the Cape with your friends, but whoa, that's expensive! 

How about something more affordable? I'll do ya one better babe. How about FREE?!

When you're planning a party weekend full of drinking at bars, dancing downtown, and just need a day trip out into the wilderness of Tennessee, we certainly have the most gorgeous spots to add to your adventure list.

Nashville, TN is SO CLOSE to some amazing nature views that will have you wondering why the heck you haven't ventured out there yet!


Cummins Falls

CUMMINS FALLS This hike is only 1.5 hours away, but one to remember! Not only will you be trekking through beautiful forests and mountain cutouts, but you'll walk in and out of river creek trails to this gorgeous waterfall playground! This place is beyond gorgeous and has a lot to offer for scenic picnic areas! Totally romantic and full of awesome scenic photo spots Be sure to pack plenty of water, towels, sunscreen, snacks, and of course your camera!

Fall Creek Falls

FALL CREEK FALLS It's a two hour drive from Nashville, but it's a visual you'll NEVER forget! This one is for the adventurous souls, this whopping 256 ft falls is the United State's largest eastern waterfall! Don't forget the bug-spray as mosquitoes LOVE visitors and will eat you alive!


BURGESS FALLS This hike is much more adventurous! Wading through over 9 rocky river beds, this hike is a bit more challenging and water shoes are definitely a must! Spend the entire day here and play in the cool waters, remembering how lucky you are to have all that gorgeousness to yourself!



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