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How to WIN at Your Pedal Tavern Experience

Updated: Feb 4, 2019

Pedal taverns are by far one of Nashville's biggest bachelorette attractions! What's not to love? In your package you get an awesome personal DJ, a mobile bar that takes you to OTHER bars and a tour of marvelous Music City. The popularity of pedal taverns is truly undeniable and it's not very hard to see why. This blogger took a promotional trip on one of Nashville's famous mobile bars and it was nothing short of a blast! However, first timers may show up mildly to severely unprepared. Surprisingly enough, there is a decent amount of mental and physical readiness involved before stepping onto your bike. I'm bringing you four keys to a successful pedal tavern experience! Keep reading for more. 

Make it all the way to the bottom for your options and links to book your very own trip!

1) Comfort is Key

No need to dress up for your pedal tavern journey! Looking cute for pictures is usually top priority, but in this case comfort is key! Sure, you'll be snapping, tweeting and posting on Instagram,  but when it comes down to it, you're cycling around the city! Over the course of your ride there will of course be breaks, but you'll definitely want to wear something you're comfortable in moving around in-- basically something you'd wear to work out. Side note: ALWAYS check the weather. Depending on when your reservation takes place, the weather could be unpredictable.

2) Keep the Necessities on Your Back(side)

It may seem silly and a little bit 90's, but that's trendy now, right? I highly suggest that you and your squad pick up some matching fanny packs before taking on the town! When you're on your bike it's going to be difficult to keep a purse or large bag on your shoulder. There are cup holders in front of you, but ideally those will be occupied. Keep track of your cards, ID and phone in a nifty fanny pack! And honestly, who doesn't want another matching item to show everyone who you're with!?

Monogrammed Fanny Pack

If you're venturing out for some day drinking, keep it Southern and sassy with this monogrammed fanny pack! Plenty of color options assure that your new swag will match the outfits you've all planned for the day. This pack features one smaller front pocket perfect for the items you'll need to grab quickly-- cards, ID, hand sanitizer, etc.

The larger back pocket should even fit today's mega smartphones that are essentially mini tablets. (Note: I'm not knocking them. They take FABULOUS pictures). Grab yours here!

Fanny Pack with LED lights

Match the Music City lights at night with your very own LED fanny pack! Choose pink, green, silver, blue or orange and light up the night! This pack features two large pockets perfect for holding everything you're sure to need for your night out! Don't worry about it ruining the aesthetic of your outfit! You'll just draw more attention as you cycle around the city! Grab yours here!

Final note on fanny packs: get one for this event, and you'll be surprised at how much they come in handy! You may laugh now, but you can thank me later.

3) Quality H2O

As mentioned in the first tip, this is a physical activity. You wouldn't dream of heading to the gym without your trusty water bottle, right? In addition, we all know that hydration.... from WATER.... is an extremely important survival tactic when drinking in any capacity. This activity just so happens to include a moderate amount of alcohol AND physical exertion. Definitely start hydrating at least 24 hours beforehand, and keep it up throughout your ride. Alternate each beer/drink with a bottle of water for high spirits and the best time!


Bring. Your. Own. Everything. The pedal taverns do not supply alcohol for you, so you'll need to pack your own libations to enjoy while pedaling around the city. Depending on which company you choose, they may offer a cooler to stash your beverages in, but definitely check when making your reservation so you aren't caught off guard. And of course, by "bring you own everything," I definitely mean bring a variety. This is typically a two hour endeavor and you want to enjoy every second of it. Pack a variety of beverages from sweet to tangy to your standard beer.

Now that you're prepared to take on the tavern, check out the best Nashville has to offer below!

The Pedal Tavern is Nashville's premier pedal tavern. As the first of its kind and the most established, The Pedal Tavern is primarily responsible for pedaling bachelorette traffic almost every day of the week! They have a massive fleet, soon to increase by one brand new bike! They are constantly improving and renovating their bikes and business assuring premium service for all of Nashville's fabulous bachelorettes! Choose from several different routes and enjoy all that Music City's bar scene has to offer! Book your Pedal Tavern today!

Country Music Crawler

The Sprocket Rocket  is yet another great way to see the city on your very  own mobile bar! Choose to pedal your way around downtown, or go for a Golf Cart Limo tour! To book visit their website today!

The Country Music Crawler embraces the big three of Music City's bachelorette scene: country music, honky-tonk attitudes, and pedal taverns! Hop on a crawler and experience these three things all at once! Book your Country  Music Crawler today!



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