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Nashville vs Vegas: Why Bride-to-be's prefer NASHVILLE

Updated: Jan 27, 2019

Nashville vs Vegas

You know the saying "What Happens in Vegas..." but what happens in the city of sin, doesn't always stay there! Coming from someone who has lived 5+ years in Las Vegas, I have seen the best and the WORST the city has to offer, and when it comes to bachelorette parties, it's totally obvious that Nashville is the place to go!

According to Nashville Scene, "In 2015, Travel + Leisure named Nashville the No. 1 spot for a “girlfriend getaway,” and Glamour included it on a list of the nation’s Hottest Bachelorette Party Destinations!” Also, earlier in 2018, Nashville was ranked #3 as the "Best Bachelorette Party Location" by

Where Bride-to-be's are where they SHOULD be!

It's no secret to Nashville locals, every weekend we see bridal parties roaming from bar to bar on Broadway. With restaurants, boutiques, nightclubs, and live music on every corner of town, Nashville has become an entertainment city for all occasions, especially bachelorettes! So what makes it better than Las Vegas?

"Nashville's hospitality & charm beats Vegas's cheesy vibe HANDS DOWN."

Nashville has southern charm unmatched anywhere! In Vegas, there are tourists from all over the world, and everyone is having their own outrageous 'Hangover' movie experience, Yikes! We're talking overly intoxicated, loud and obnoxious, and sometimes dangerous party guests and activities. No one cares that it's your special night too. In Vegas, anything goes, and that is NOT always a good thing. These 'Hangover' type parties are the ones to avoid, but in Vegas, it's just a constant overcrowded environment, anywhere you go. In the sweltering heat of the desert, it's just a recipe for disaster. Here in Nashville, the atmosphere is much more easy going, safe, cooler and inclusive! You may even become good friends with strangers, because Nashville is much more personable and accessible for newcomers. No worries about catty girl squads stomping down the strip, or drunken bachelor's harassing your crew all night! Expect to have cute cowboys who just wanna line dance and buy you a whiskey. Yee-haw!

No Lines. No Covers. No Drama. Time & Money Well Spent!

A trip to Vegas is NO DOUBT an expensive one. Once you add up all the costs of the flights, hotel, car rental, tours, drinks, and food, you don't even want to think about the extra costs of daily Vegas charges! It's bad. Not only do they NO LONGER OFFER FREE PARKING on the strip, but they charge a ridiculous amount for numerous things at your hotel, restaurants, events, and nightclub venues. Cover charges can range from $30 to even $200 to some pools and events!

So, not only are you going to wait in lines outside every club (in heels for at least an hour) you will also pay a lot for it, before you even get a ridiculously priced drink! Also, you have to wait a while for that as well. Bartenders typically serve their friends and locals first, they are tip hungry and you've already annoyed them with your party's requests for shots. Here in Nashville, there are so many things to do for free or with minimal/no cover charge! Nightclubs don't typically have a cover charge and if you're a bachelorette, prepare to get super special attention! We love having women from all over the world visiting to celebrate their last thrill with their friends!



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