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Nashville's Declassified Bach Survival Guide

You've planned your trip. You've made your reservations. You've mapped out the drag shows, burlesque theaters, the honky-tonks and a place to get your groove on. You think you're prepared.... but are you really? 

Gift bags have been around for ages. But we have some ideas that surpass the standard kiddie party treat bag or even the wedding day preparedness kits. The inspiration listed below is sure to help keep your spirits up, your laughter loud and your hangovers at bay. Make the most of your weekend with these adorable gift bags.

Oh Shit Kit bag

1) The Classic- Oh Sh!t Kit

The standard "Oh Sh!t Kit," is a solid choice to treat your girls to. Let's be honest with ourselves: You're here to have a good time. It's time for the girls to celebrate the bride-to-be and for the bride-to-be to have one last rodeo with her squad before diving into her newlywed life. That being said, while the honky tonkin' and hoopin' and hollerin' is fun in the moment, you may need more than an espresso to get you going the next morning. 

These kits are here to assist. Though there's no set standard for your bags there are a few things that the girls will undeniably be thankful for after your romp around Nashvegas:​

  • An Adorable Bag: You can purchase something to stuff your goodies in on Etsy. There are several options from paper to plastic to canvas. If you go with something more durable, it serves as a souvenir. We love the touch of bling on the one pictured to the right. 

  • Tylenol/Ibuprofen/Midol: This is self explanatory. Continuing your festivities may be a bit of a struggle when headaches and cramps keep even one member of the bride tribe out of commission. We all think we're invincible once a few vodka/sprites hit our bloodstream. Prevent hangover woes with purposeful preparedness.

  • Bandaids/ Hand Sanitizer/Cleansing Wipes: The internal fight that a hangover causes is bad enough, but for the moments when judgement and basic motor skills are impaired, it's safe to have a mini-first aid kit among your goodies.

  • Mints/Tums/Mini Mouthwash: It's time to rally. We all know what can happen.... be ready.

  • A Bottle of Water/Cute Water Bottle: If you're staying in one of Nashville's fabulous hotels you don't want to have to pay for the water they leave in the room. It's a ridiculous upcharge and by including an option in your bag, it's completely avoidable. If you want to go the easy route, buy a case of waters and stick on some personalized bottle labels from Etsy. If you're looking to go the more elaborate route or have a smaller group, maybe get matching monogrammed water bottles to fill and refill yourselves. It's an adorable gift and totally practical.

Nashville welcome bag

2) The Nashville - Redneck Survival Kit

The boots are on, the bling is bright and your girls are ready to take on Music City. Though you may be dressed to the nines, have you gotten your group in the spirit of  Nashville? Whether born a true southern belle or you're a group of yankees ready to experience the greatness of the Deep South, you may need a little nudge in the right direction. Welcome your ladies to the weekend's festivities with a gift bag that screams Nashville. Here's what you'll need 

  • A Super Classy Tattoo: You can pick some up like these on Etsy and divide them among your girls or go the simple Sharpie tattoo route. Choose from a variety of saying that will encompass your weekend like "No Ragrets," "Howdy Y'all," or show your Tennessee pride with "Go Vols." Cover with baby powder and hairspray for staying power

  • A Delicious Snack: Don spicy cheeto dust ala Britney Spears, munch on Doritos, take in the Southern delicacy of pork rinds or even make your own cheesy ranch Chex mix.. because what's a party without putting ranch on everything?

  • A Cold Drink: Whether you include a classic Coca-Cola, a Lime-A-Rita or a Blue Moon make sure your girls are refreshed and ready to party with something to literally wet their palettes.

  • To Have and To Hold and To Keep Your Beer Cold: Like these gorgeous, blinged out koozies from Brant Point Prep! These are totally customizable for your group from message to monogram. Not a monogram fan? Have the front declare your title in the wedding party whether that's MOH, bridesmaid or the bride herself. Choose from sayings such as the one pictured, Boots and Bling ______'s Last fling, or create your own! If glitter isn't your style, check out Etsy for a variety of styles. You can find koozie's for every style of Nash Bach Bash. And most importantly, you'll have a cold drink all night long.

Bachelorette Tote

3) The Sophisticate- "It says I wanna be formal, but I'm here to party."

This one is for the wine enthusiast, spa weekend, boutique crawling group. You're in Nashville to see the sights and enjoy each other's company with a glass of Pinot (or Merlot, or Rose or all of the above) in hand. Prep your ladies for a classy and fabulous weekend with a sophisticated tote full of goodies sure to make the weekend everything you wished for. 

  • The Tote: It's not a gift bag, it's a gifted bag. This tote from Etsy can be tailored specifically to your event with message and color scheme. Decorate it yourself with rhinestones or ribbon to add a personal touch, or leave it as is for the sheer simplicity and let the content speak for itself.

  • Not-So-Traditional Minis: We're not asking you to make a trip to the liquor store with a grocery sack in hand. For this trip, we're keeping things a little bit more low-key. Head on over to Target or Kroger (or your local grocer) and treat your girls to baby bottles of wine or champagne. Sutter Home, YellowTail and a variety of other brands have made the perfect size bottles to fill your next item with....

  • The Holy Grail: ....okay maybe not. But we want you to sip in style. Grab some  personalized stemless wine glasses from Etsy like these! They'll fit beautifully inside your custom tote and they're a gorgeous gift that can be used for the days to come.

  • Bring the spa to your Nashville pad for the weekend with this Spa in a Jar​. Make it your own by choosing the color scheme and maybe even making your own bath scrubs. You can include polishes, lip balms, fun face masks or even candles to set a calming aura in the room. 

Have any other ideas for gift bags for the girls? Let us know in the comments below! If you created any of these kits listed above send us pictures! We'd love to see how you were inspired!



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