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Our Favorite "Loko" Bach Bash Stats

Bachelorette Party Statistics

Whether you're a frequent visitor to the open bar, a studious foodie or you just really love the Electric Slide there's something for everyone at almost every well-planned wedding. However, we all know that the real fun goes down before the big day. Bachelorette and bachelor parties are often documented as being more fun than the wedding itself even for the bride and groom-to-be! Of course, if you're having a bach bash you're probably partaking in some go-go juice to get the party train moving. The company behind one of the most popular party beverages, Four Loko, took an even deeper dive into what makes a bach bash so, well, loco. These results come from a survey of 1,000 people ages 21 to 70 about their bach bash experience! Take a look at some of our favorite stats from their research! For the full run down, click here!

83% of parties said that bars and pubs were a top priority on the agenda! The most popular activities for bachelorette parties were night clubs, live music, shopping and visiting interesting restaurants. Dancing and nightclubs were most popular in Nashville! Music City was listed as the #8 party destination by party goers.

46% of groups were in the 6-10 guest range

Of those groups, bachelorette parties fell more to the extremes (small, with 5 or fewer or huge, with attendees in the 20's)

15% of parties rented a house/apartment/condo for their stay (check our favorites out here!)

The average amount spent on a bachelor/bachelorette weekend was $625.

10% of parties were planned by the bride/groom and considered on the tame side of the spectrum while.... 6% of parties were planned by a friend or family member not in the party and were considered the wildest. Brides were more likely to plan than grooms, and best men were more likely to plan than bridesmaids.

74% of those surveyed said the party was more fun than the wedding.

How does/will your bach bash experience compare to these statics? Enjoy your time in Music City and enjoy everything we have to offer! Check out our previous blog posts for some itinerary inspiration or for some unique activity ideas!



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