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3 Hysterical Bachelorette Party Games

Updated: Jan 11, 2020

Everyone has played the toilet paper dress game, the purse scavenger hunt, the drink whenever someone says XYZ game, etc. Here are a few of our favorite bachelorette party games that will take your MOH skills to the next level and keep your guests entertained.

Balloon Popping Race

Getting everyone up, moving and engaged is key to a successful group game. Buy some high quality balloons that are difficult to pop and everyone will be laughing!

Blindfolded Pickle Contest

What do pickles have to do with getting married? Absolutely nothing! That's OK, because it's hysterical. Buy some cute, pink blindfolds and matching plates to make this game fit your theme. Don't like pickles? Try something equally challenging to eat, such as a banana.

Dirty Slinky Game

This is the perfect game for those of you who still have CD's lying around. Grab a fun colored slinky, put the CD on it, strap one end on each person and let the fun begin! We recommend having 4-6 people doing this game at the same time so you can race to wine.

Let the games begin!


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