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Packing Hacks for a Bachelorette Weekend

If you're traveling from an hour away or from a different country, packing is all the same. It's tedious, frustrating and easy to get overwhelmed. Before you dust off the trusty luggage, take a few minutes to sit back, relax and get some much needed organizational assistance from some lovely ladies on YouTube. They've got all the tips and tricks to make packing for your bachelorette weekend a breeze!

Over-packing Overload

Over-packing is a common sin of travel. This can be especially true when you're prepping for a big trip with the girls. You'll need an outfit for every occasion, makeup for some extra sparkle and a host of other things to look and feel your best on your trip. This tutorial from Ingrid is possibly the most helpful, informative and efficient packing tutorial on YouTube. If you don't watch any others, take a look at this one and solve all of your packing woes.

Travel Essentials

If you're traveling from a distance (we're looking at you Canada and the UK!) you may find yourself on a lengthy flight. Travel in style and comfort with a little help from Zoella!


The first tutorial is an incredibly thorough version of how to pack light without missing out on anything you may need. However, Ingrid was clearly packing for some colder weather. Watch this organizational tutorial for a little more summer-geared packing assistance.

The More You Know

For everything you may have forgotten and hacks that may have slipped your mind, we've got one final tutorial. You know you need clothes, shoes and the basics, but what happens when you forget the small stuff that you didn't realize you needed? This clever gal is here to help!



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