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8 Bridal Parties who NAILED "Bridesmaids" Poses

We're pulling back the curtain on some of the best recreations of the ICONIC Bridesmaids (2011) pose ("cause it's called civil rights, and it's the 90s!"). These funny ladies graced the cover of this gut-busting film, and began a wedding/bachelorette tradition that has stood the test of time. Showcase the personalities of your best gal pals by recreating this pose yourselves! For now, sit back with your pink lemonade and your stolen puppy and take a look at these perfect recreations.... along with our favorite movie quotes!

Bridesmaids - 2011

Bridesmaids - original photo, released in 2011

Bridesmaids movie photo pose recreation

Talk about nailing a recreation! Could this group have been any more accurate? From the bride's dress, to the shade of pink.... and of course they're serving ALL of the attitude necessary to perfect this classic movie pose!

Recreating the Bridesmaids pose
The dress is so pretty it makes my stomach hurt.

This crew turned the "Bridesmaids pose" into a champagne dream in their very own recreation!

Disney Bridesmaids pose
You are more beautiful than Cinderella! You smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine!

For the ultimate Disney fan and the bride who is truly a princess at heart, turn your recreation into a masterpiece worthy of The Mouse.

Coral & Boots Bridesmaids wedding pose
Why can't you just be happy for me and then go home and talk behind my back later like a NORMAL PERSON!?

Women in flannel bridesmaids pose
This is some classy sh-... [burp]

Silver dresses, imitating pose from Bridesmaids movie
You are like the Maid of Dishonor.

Southern Style Bridesmaids movie pose
We did stuff last night... FUN stuff!

If you're getting married in Music City or just want to bring a little Southern sass to your photo shoot, try your hand at this boot scootin' Bridesmaids pose. . .

The movie Bridesmaids - released 2011

Bridesmaids - original photo, released 2011

What happens at the wedding stays at the wedding
That's why every girl needs those s**tty college years: to experiment, get it out of your system, find out what you like.

Bridesmaids movie cast holding puppies

Bridesmaids - original photo, release 2011

It's happening. It's happening. It happened.

Bridesmaids holding puppies - like the movie
I already have two (puppies) in the back of my van.

Looking for other poses to recreate on your special day? Check out 21 of the post perfect poses to incorporate into your photos!


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