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Must-Know Nashville Lingo

Nashville slang

While visitors may think Nashvillians speak a completely different language altogether, there are a few slang words and phrases that may have you scratching your head.

Before getting down in this town, you should consider learning the local lingo. We here, have put together a handy little list for your reading enjoyment.

Holler and Swaller It sounds dirty, but this common bar phrase means CHEERS! Holler = scream or shout. Swaller = take a drink (swallow a gulp) So when the band yells Holler & Swaller, raise your drink, scream Yeeee Haww then take a gulp of your Tennessee cocktail!

Bless her heart This means you are empathizing with someone or showing compassion. This can be said after an insult and it makes it ok. Example: She looks like a hooker. Bless her heart.

Fixin To About to go do something or make something Example: I'm fixin to go to the store to get more grits.

Lordamighty A shortened version of  "lord all mighty". Often used instead of saying "oh my gosh" or "oh Jesus" Example: Oh lordamighty, the house is on fire and Jimmy is still in it!

Ain't A shortened form of "am not" or "is not" Example: I ain't a liar, Jenny.

Nashvegas Nashville is widely recognized as "Music City", but the name "Nashvegas" has grown in popularity over the past few years. With the bright lights, abundant events and country celebrity glitz and glamour it's no wonder people refer to it as "Nashvegas". The only thing missing is the attractive strippers and trendy night clubs. Example: If you don't like country music, you ain't from Nashvegas.




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