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Out with the Old: Bach Trends We're Loving in 2017

Out with the old and in with the new! 2016 has come and gone, and the new year is bringing new brides and new trends! The great thing about this list.... NONE of these options are bad options. If you're looking for inspiration for your ideal bachelorette weekend this is the list for you. We're just giving a little inspo for the updated and most modern trends. Enjoy! and happy planning!


The Old

Hotel rooms and party venues have long been decorated with banners. Whether they don a cute saying or proclaim the bride's new name, these banners have been a staple in bachelorette decor.

The New

Instead of a basic banner, opt for eye catching, mylar balloons. Gone are the days when balloons were reserved for children. Bachelorette parties are making use of the interesting and elegant shapes and colors that balloons have to offer. Create a personalized backdrop that serves as a drink/snack station as well as a photo opportunity. This will show everyone that today is the bride's day in a modern and chic way.


Social media is the number one way that millennial's communicate. We all know how important it is to have a trendy/catchy wedding hashtag for everyone to use so you can find all of your adorable pictures. In recent years, bachelorette party hashtags have taken over. Generic hashtags make it easy to put your pics out there on Instagram and get TONS of likes, but in 2017 we're looking at PERSONALIZED hashtags. Use the name of the bride to be, your party location or even something that the bride adores!

The Old

The New

#TheFinalHoughrrah ​#LiveWongandProsper


We love flash tattoos no matter what the style or occasion, but 2017 is all about personalization.

The Old

Plain flash tattoos, such as "Bride" or "Team Bride", etc.

The New

Custom flash tattoos! Not only are these the cutest, they're personal! Include the name of the bride-to-be and even a phone number. Safety first, and then you're rave ready!


Favors have shifted more and more from wedding theme to items that are practical and can be used for years to come even after the special day has passed. Check out this update for 2017!

The Old

Mason jars were all the rage in 2015 and they sprinkled themselves across wedding parties in 2016 as well. In the South, we will ALWAYS be all about our Mason jars and monograms, but this is a special occasion. That calls for something special, classy and a little different....

The New

Instead of the standard jar/koozie pairing, go for these elegant, stemless champagne flutes. They are entirely customized. You can choose names, initials or even "titles" (MOH, bridesmaid, etc.) if you prefer. They're beautiful, practical, and perfect for a mimosa bar!

Steve Madden Sparkle Romper


A big night calls for the right attire and a bride needs to stand out in the crowd.

The Old

Sparkly mini dresses have been a staple to many last hurrahs. Dresses ride up on the dance floor and may keep you from pulling off some of your signature moves. Leave the dresses for New Year's Eve and fancy date nights. Move on to something a little more modern and a little more comfortable.

The New

This year is all about coordinated rompers and jumpsuits. You can pick up a sexy, sassy sequined romper and dance the night away!


Every successful party revolves around FUN! Nashville offers more activities than any one person can do in a lifetime, much less a weekend. Make the most of your bach bash by doing something exciting and unique.

Dance lesson at Miss Fit Academy

The Old

Spending the entire weekend barhopping and getting drunk.

The New

Scheduling some activities that you'll actually remember. To balance the binging, book a tour or a lesson, such as pole dancing or country line dancing at Miss Fit Academy. Sweat out the alcohol and learn something sexy for the honeymoon. This will be an experience you'll always remember, with the gals you'll never forget!


When it comes down to it, a bachelorette weekend is all about attention. All of the girls shower the bride with attention, and when you hit the town it's all eyes on you! You wouldn't go to a concert without purchasing your favorite bands tour "t," so you can't have a bach weekend without showcasing that YOU'RE the biggest rockstars in town!

Practical Bridal shirts

The Old

Generic "Bride" shirts, "Team Bride" shirts, etc. They are an affordable option, however, they have a short lifespan and there are so many other unique ways to tell everyone that you're here to party. If you fork out a few more dollars for a custom shirt, it can also be a souvenir.

The New

Shirts like these are clearly specific to the bridal party when everyone wears them together. Customize them with sayings that encompass each girl's personality. They're funny and cute and would proudly be worn by any MOH or bridesmaid for a sweat sesh or relaxing day long after the special event has ended.



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